The Artist as Threat to Society

I feel as time goes by, my socks get smellier
my vision tellier
my boots wellier
my flops bellier
my catessens dellier
my will-power jellier
my romanticism Shellier
my West Wind umbrellier
my Sachas Distellier
my Zeros Mostellier
my Fawlties hotelier
my Boleros Ravellier
my toffees caramellier
(my Mounts Carmellier)
my lines parallelllier
my follow-ups sequellier
my Fitzgeralds(and Grecos) Ellier
my Henries Purcellier (and Kellier)
my Georges (and Pells) Mellier
my Kims (and Hairies) Nellier
my sixth sense foretellier
my islands Seychellier
my Cocos Chanellier
my calandars (and tyres) Pirellier
my Isambard Kingdoms Brunellier
my Fermors Arabellier
my keyboards Corellier
my Merlins (and dictionaries) spellier
my monopolies cartellier
my german breakfasts pretzellier
my Marx Engellier
my own house dwellier
my old Beatles Michellier
my Andrews Marvellier
my Jersey saints (and –fire Clubs) hellier
my coming-on-with-heaviness sellier
my excitements eventually quellier
my last forests and fences somehow fellier.